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The 4th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival

The Cleaners
Goodbye Ringo
Spears from all Sides
Minding the Gap
Qiang's Journey
Ramothopo the Centinarian
Distant Constelation
Karingana - Permission to Tell a Story
Seed of Sweat
Too Beautiful
The 5 Browns
David Stratton a Cinematic Life
Sheep Hero
Children of Congo Listen!
In Search
Pariah Dog
The Village My Grandparents Knew
Stammering Ballad
H Is for Harry
Forman vs Forman
Seeing Again
Best Cinematographer Award: The Olden Heralds
Best Editor Award: Too Beautiful
Best Mini Documentary Award: Home
Best Medium-Length Documentary Award: But Now is Perfect
Special Award of Organizing Committee: Stammering Ballad
Best Director Award: Forman VS Forman
Best Cinematographer Award: The Olden Heralds
Best Feature Film Award: Distant Constellation
Audience Choice Award: UZZI
Gan Chao
/ China
Justin Deimen
/ Singapore
Thom Palmen
/ Netherlands
Dorota Roszkowska
/ Poland
Gema Juarez Allen
/ Argentina
Inadelso Cossa
/ Mozambique
Laimonas Briedis
/ Lithuania-Canada
Mladen Kovacevic
/ Serbia
Pedro Barbadillo
/ Spain
Sebastian Cordes
/ Denmark
Jana Cisar
/ Czech
John Appel
/ Netherlands
Konrad Hirsch
/ Germany
Teresa Cavina
/ Italy
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