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The 2nd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival

Callshop Istanbul
Adventures of Chinese Mergansers
Ganesh Yourself
Grey Matter
Internal Ear
Somos Cuba - We are Cuba
The Color of the Chameleon
The Colorado
Coming of Age
Boli Bana
How Animals Feel
Inner Me
Small People. Big Trees
1637° Degrees
Landscape for a Person
Living with the Whales
Mama Amamapare
Where did the Swallows Go?
A Passion of Gold and Fire
A Gentle Giant
Best Long Documentary Award--Callshop Istanbul
Best Medium-Length Documentary Award: Coming of Age
Best Short Documentary Award: Orbis
Best Mini Documentary Award: ELI. Swedish Passion
Award for Best Director: Boli Bana
Award Special Price of the Jury: Hermits
Francois Verster
/ South Africa
Fritz Wolf
/ Germany
Marcelo Fortaleza Flores
/ Brazil
Pieter Fleury
/ Netherlands
Romain Philippe POMEDIO
/ France
Takuma Akifumi
/ Japan
Zhang Yaxin
/ China
Eva Dekanovska
/ Slovakia
Gao Feng
/ China
George Kurian
/ India
Gervais Hugues Ondaye
/ Congo
Gilles Lyon-Caen
/ France
Paul Lewis
/ Canada
Thomas Frickel
/ Germany
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