GTIDFF organizing committee notice
Inviting 5th GTIDFF short-list films to award ceremony

Dear team members of the short-list films of 5th GTIDFF,

names of shortlist:

We are honored to invite you to the Golden Tree Festival Award Ceremony to be held in Paris on November 6, 2021. Each shortlisted film can book two free tickets. For teams who need tickets, please make an appointment through
In accordance with the tradition of the Golden Tree Festival, we will reimburse the final award-winning film teams for round-trip transportation and 2 nights hotel accommodation fees to participate in the evening, no more than 2 people for each team.
Venue:Club de l’Etoile cinéma (14 Rue Troyon, 75017 Paris)
Topic: social functions and aesthetic values of ecological documentary films
Leading Guests: Prof. Jose MOURE (La Sorbonne)
               Prof. Tongdao ZHANG (Beijing Normal University)
time :16:15 ~18:30
Award and closing ceremony (5th and 6th  GTIDFF Awards)
time:19:00 ~ 20:30
Awards:11 winners of 5th and 9 winners of 6th GTIDFF
Show: Piano and cello concerto, jazz and piano solo
For more information, please contact us!