At 19:30 on April 21 (local time in France), the beautiful Georgian dance kicked off the opening ceremony of the 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival in 2023, which is held in LE GRAND REX PARIS. The theme of the three-day festival is “Root of Culture: Facing Nature”.

The 7th Golden Tree Festival received 4,199 films from 139 countries and regions. After preliminary deletion and selection, 46 films from 27 countries were shortlisted.

Wang Libin, President of the Organizing Committee of the GTIDFF, said in her video speech at the opening ceremony, “Golden Tree Festival’s aim and goal is to create a documentary film festival, allowing documentary filmmakers from all over the world to record and display the cultural roots of each country and nation through their lens so that everyone can understand and respect each other better and at the same time provide a platform for exchange and cooperation for documentary filmmakers all over the world. ”

In his speech, Vincent Lowy, President of the final jury members, he praised the Golden Tree Festival as a platform and bridge connecting Eastern and Western cultures.

A pre-selection jury member and French production manager, Jean-Emmanuel PAPAGNO said, “Through these documentaries, you will travel all around the globe, standing alonside men and women who are fighting for a better world.”

Wang Xiaohan, Director of the Organizing committee of GTIDFF, introduced the arrangement of the 7th Golden Tree Festival and Golden Fruit Plan for film training to young people.

The opening ceremony screened this year’s shortlisted film, from Italian director Marco Spinelli’s Mission Euridice. The film tells the story of the removal of a large number of abandoned fishing nets from the Gulf of Cefalù.

More than 100 guests attended the buffet reception after the opening ceremony.