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Introduction to the Golden Tree International Documentary Festival
The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival (GTIDFF), founded in 2016, takes place every year in Europe, it has been held consecutively for 7 times in Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France. The festival aims to gather global attention, present a segment of reality rooted in a certain location, time, and culture to another group of people by using the camera lens, give humanity a period of slow down, think deeply and explore ourselves during the process of watching the documentary films. GTIDFF spreads films based on a certain culture from one continent to another, to explore the cultural origins of different civilizations around the world, to promote exchanges and mutual learning.

“Bounded nations, endless culture”. With the top experts and scholar from around the world strong support and more than 10,000 professionals from more than 100 countries participating actively, there are exhibits and shows, rewards, forums, investment, trade, exchange and other activities, GTIDFF has become the bridge connecting the Eastern and Western documentary film industry. 

GTIDFF invites young artists from the field of industry to participate together, without setting any requirements, advocates documentary directors and producers to shoot documentaries from their own unique perspectives, and strives to provide a platform for communication and exchange among artists worldwide, creating equal opportunities for every documentary producer, and jointly promoting the innovation and development of the global documentary industry.

Documentaries record your life moments

It provides a platform for equal communication and win-win development for documentaries from all over the world.
The uniqueness is an important bridge for cross-cultural communication.

Our Activities


"Returning to the Red Flag Canal" won the "Best Historical Documentary Award" at the 6th Golden Tree International Documentary Festival.


The documentary "Returning to the Red Flag Canal" has won the International Documentary Award for the first time and has received enthusiastic feedback and continuous attention from all sectors of society. At the scene, Mr. Jerome Clemont, a renowned French cultural scholar, interacted with the audience, telling the story of his deep attachment to the Red Flag Canal after 45 years, creating a warm atmosphere of "focusing on the East and showcasing cultural power"!



 Max McAuley is a young, professional dancer with Down Syndrome. In this story, Max is the principal dancer in a choreographed work that is inspired by the watery world of his dreams.


The 4th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival opened in Frankfurt

The theme of Golden Tree Festival is "Cultural Roots and Inheritance". The organizing committee has received 4523 films from 126 countries and regions to participate in the competition. Germany, the United States, France, China, and the United Kingdom ranked among the top five in terms of the number of participating films. After the initial evaluation, selection, and pre-selection stages, 53 films were finally shortlisted.

Chinese Consul General in Frankfurt, Sun Congbin, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, stating that the Golden Tree Festival provides a platform for showcasing excellent documentaries from various countries, builds a bridge for cultural exchange and mutual learning, promotes mutual understanding and understanding among people of all countries, and promotes the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. I hope that Chinese documentaries can travel from Germany to Europe and from Europe to the world, telling the story of China to the world and showcasing an open China in all aspects.

Frankfurt City Council member Stetzer stated that the Golden Tree Festival has grown into a well-known documentary film festival, and the number of participants is steadily increasing. The Golden Tree Festival makes significant contributions to the urban culture of Frankfurt.

According to Wang Libin, the chairman of the Golden Tree Festival, 19 documentaries will be screened at this year's Golden Tree Festival, with a total duration of 22 hours. At the same time, 10 nominated film teams will come to the scene to share the story behind the creation of the documentary with the audience face-to-face. In addition, a themed forum will be held to discuss hot topics in documentaries.


After the opening ceremony, the guests on site watched the opening film "Sheep Hero" directed by Dutch director Torn van Zantford. This year's Golden Tree Festival will close on the 13th.


There are the hot topics, cutting-edge trends, brainstorming, cross industry and cross-cultural dialogue, as well as diverse voices.

Forum topic: Is ChatGPT the perfect language tool?

Forum topic: How documentary streaming platforms compete with Netflix?

Forum Topic: Can Documentaries Save the Earth - The Rise of Environmental Documentaries

Forum topic: The role of joint filming - challenges and opportunities for international cooperation

Guests can speak freely.

Guests can exchange ideas about documentaries with experts.

Guests can listen to the forefront.

Guests can learn from industry experts about the experience of documentaries.

Meeting Hall

The section of Joint Reception Hall, aims to facilitate investment and trading of excellent documentaries.


Unlike previous festivals, the section of Joint Meeting Hall on the first day of the 2019 Golden Tree Festival was dedicated to China Day. Nearly ten domestic and foreign institutions have released the exciting proposals related to China.

Joint production can contribute to the success of documentary production, and the secret to it is conversation, conversation, and conversation. Signing a complete agreement will force you to pay more attention to every small detail of the movie. Co production will also encourage producers to leave enough time for financing and development.

Joint production can implement the production of films to partner countries, raise budgets and prepare for distribution on a larger scale, which is beneficial for the promotion and promotion of the film itself. The basic principle of co production is to ensure dissemination in co producing countries, which is also the cornerstone of financing and ultimate distribution.


The theme of 7th Golden Tree Festival is "Roots of Culture - Facing Nature", and a total of 4199 films have been received from 139 countries and regions. After initial and preliminary evaluations, a total of 46 films were shortlisted, including four documentaries from China, including "Chasing Light for Thousands of Miles" and "Land of Gods".

Five final judges from different countries finally selected six award-winning films. The Indian film "Last Hope" won the Golden Tree Award, and the Chinese documentary "Land of the Gods" won the "Best Chinese Documentary Award". At the same time, the Golden Tree International Documentary Festival has set up the "Golden Tree Golden Fruit Plan Best Completion Award" specifically for the "Jiaguo Youth Image Training Program" aimed at the Z generation worldwide, which was won by Guo Yuehan of China for her performance in "Little New".

We have received the positive support of experts in the field of documentaries from all over the world. We are moved by their noble thoughts, unique opinions and hard work, and strive to follow their example.
We should have an inclusive and accepting stance towards different cultures. In films, we have to look past the superficial appearance of the pictures in films, to analyze the hidden and deep-seated meaning and idea behind them.

Jean Claude Carrierre
It relies on the power of documentaries as a forward-looking instrument of International understanding, on the natural curiosity for strange people and strange worlds, on the only seemingly banal but really crucially important question: what do others do when they have similar problems to me?
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